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发表时间 2009 四月 15
作者 Olga @ 2009 五月 14
first surgery was ok, but she need second!

sapta, in Russia we wear such a ring as you think on the right finger!
作者 sapta @ 2009 五月 2
anna pavlova always wear a ring on her left finger,is that the engagement ring or a gift from her boyfriend?i'm very curious,becouse anna always wear her ring in every picture that i see,even since the athens olympic,it certainly rings a very meaningful for her,please i want to know!i hope anna recover soon and back to action again,i'm always pray for her everyday,good luck anna i wish all the best for you,'cos you are very special gymnast&women,love anna forever!!!
作者 Ana @ 2009 四月 18
oh my wassat

I didn´t know she was going to have another surgery, did the first one went wrong?? crying

please Anna recover soon!!
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