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Merited Master of Sport of Russia

(The highest title awarded to athletes in Russia. This title can only be awarded by the Russian Federal Agency of Physical Culture and Sport and is awarded to gymnasts that compete with outstanding results in international competitions.)

Ksenia Semenova

Anna Myzdrikova

Aliya Mustafina

Anna Pavlova

Yulia Lozhechko

Kristina Pravdina

Svetlana Klyukina


Master of Sport of Russia, International Class

(The highest title awarded by the Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia to gymnasts, and is the highest title in the Classification System used in Russia. This title is awarded to gymnasts that perform with excellent results in the Olympics, World or European Championships.)

Anastasia Grishina

Viktoria Komova

Kristina Goryunova

Karina Myasnikova

Ksenia Afanasyeva

Daria Elizarova

Ekaterina Kramarenko

Tatiana Nabieva


Master of Sport of Russia

(This title is awarded to gymnasts that competes with exceptional results at competitions in Russia, or for international success.)

Alyona Polyan

Diana Sapronova


The titles are honorary and last a lifetime.

Below the titles are Ranks:

Candidate Master of Sport of Russia

Anastasia Sidorova

First-Rank Sportsman

Second-Rank Sportsman

Third-Rank Sportsman

First-Rank Junior Sportsman

Second-Rank Junior Sportsman

Third-Rank Junior Sportsman

In order to get a new rank, the gymnast must get good scores at both the Russian Cup and Russian Championship held each year.

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