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Movies from the Soviet Era

Kukolka NEW!

("Kukolka" (Little doll) is a little gem of the Soviet Cinema, set in the momentous history-changing time - the late 1980s - during perestroika, glasnost and the last years of the Soviet Union. The heroine, 16 year old ex-world champion gymnast, is powerfully played by real-life master of sport Svetlana Zasypkina, on whose life the film is loosely based.)


1992 Soviet Training Documentary NEW!

Aired before the 1992 Olympics. Features both the men's and women's team. In the french language.


1991 Training Session at Round Lake.

(A two hour video recording of a training session at Round Lake back in 1991 just before the Soviet Union broke up. In this video, you can see gymnasts such as Boggi, Lacshenova, Lysenko, Kotchektova (does three double layouts in one Floor Exercise.), and many more! The recording was done at the same time visitors were at Round Lake recording footage for what later would be for a documentary by A&E called "More Than a Game." This was probably meant to be footage for the documentary.)




 苏联体操历史 - 他们的曾经

 苏联体操历史 - 1 - 那些笑脸

 苏联体操历史 - 2 - 1968-1980

 苏联体操历史 - 3 - 1981-1984

 苏联体操历史 - 4 - 1985-1988

 苏联体操历史 - 5 - 1989-1992

 苏联体操历史 - 6 - 那些失望的瞬间

 苏联体操历史 - 7 - 那些欢乐时光

 苏联体操历史 - 体操外的生活

 最佳苏联体操 - 跳马篇

 最佳苏联体操 - 高低杠篇

 最佳苏联体操 - 平衡木篇

 最佳苏联体操 - 自由操篇


 蒙太奇 - Kevin NEW!

 蒙太奇 - KaraKarateka

1980年舞蹈蒙太奇 - Doublelayout10

 蒙太奇 - dragu88

 蒙太奇 - isa1285

 蒙太奇 - marissa983

 蒙太奇 - Misstady

 红衣少女 - Rufolva

 蒙太奇 - Yangyun4ever

(更多蒙太奇,请参见本页俄语版面, 由于版权原因,目前仅俄罗斯访客可见)