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Welcome to Anna Pavlova Online, the only website dedicated to the talented Artistic Gymnast Anna Anatolyevna Pavlova! Anna was a double bronze medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens with her team and on the vault. Anna is well known for her beautiful balletic style and clean technique!

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Exclusive Interview

Anna Pavlova Online will be conducting an exclusive interview with Anna to talk about the latest events in her life, and we invite fans to submit questions for the interview! We will be collecting questions to ask her for a week.

You may submit your questions as a comment to this news article. Questions will also be collected on our Official Facebook Pages, and various Gymnastics Blogs we work closely with.

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Posted on 01 Dec 2013 by owena

by Keizai Kenkyu @ 02 Dec 2013 04:27 pm
I know I am greedy to ask 3 questions, but please ask her if: (1)she will continue to compete until 30s/40s, when her body could no longer cope; (2) what factors motivate her to continue at such an "old" age and refuse to retire?; (3) would she consider using that GREAT floor music in 2008 again in the future???
by Elizabeth Booth @ 03 Dec 2013 05:10 pm
1. We are so pleased to see you come back to competition, we have missed you so much. What do you think are your strengths as a gymnast? What will you hope to improve as you progress? Are you planning any particular upgrades?
by Elizabeth Booth @ 03 Dec 2013 05:11 pm
2. How is your health? We fans have noticed you always strap your knee well when competing - is everything back to full strength? <br /> <br />3. Have you made any decisions about your floor music? Will you be practising a new floor exercise?
by Elizabeth Booth @ 03 Dec 2013 05:11 pm
4. Do you know what your first competition for Azerbaijan will be? Will you make an appearance at the 2014 World Championships? Are you planning to compete all around? <br /> <br />5. We know that your mother is your personal coach, and wonder how she has influenced you? Who else has been influential on your development as a gymnast? Any choreographers, coaches or other gymnasts?
by Elizabeth Booth @ 03 Dec 2013 05:12 pm
6. Of the current Russian team, whose gymnastics do you appreciate most, and why? <br /> <br />7. Did you have any opinion about the reasons for the Russian team&#039;s breakdown on floor at the 2012 Olympics? Just bad luck?

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